LinkedIn Account Types: Premium Plans Costs & Comparison

Aimino Tech GmbH offers powerful AI-driven solutions for sales and marketing automation. Our tools, including AI-optimized prospecting tools, enable businesses to work more efficiently and optimize their sales processes. In this article, we will compare various LinkedIn premium plans to help you decide which is the best option for your business, enhanced by Aimino’s capabilities.

Q: What are the types of LinkedIn accounts and their costs?
A: LinkedIn offers several types of accounts, each tailored to different professional needs.

Here’s a quick comparison:
Free LinkedIn Account: No cost, basic features for networking.
LinkedIn Premium Career: $29.99/month, designed for job seekers with features like InMail and profile insights.
LinkedIn Premium Business: $59.99/month, aimed at business professionals with enhanced search and networking capabilities.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core: $99.99/month, ideal for sales professionals with advanced search filters and lead management.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced: $169.99/month, includes team collaboration features like TeamLink.
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: Pricing on request, designed for enterprises with CRM integration and advanced analytics.
LinkedIn Recruiter Lite: $170/month, for recruiters with advanced search filters and candidate management.
LinkedIn Recruiter: Pricing on request, comprehensive recruiting tool with bulk messaging and ATS integration.
LinkedIn Learning: $29.99/month, access to a vast library of courses.

Detailed Breakdown:
1. Free LinkedIn Account:
Features: Basic networking, content publishing, and profile building.
Limitations: Limited search results, no access to profile viewers, and restricted use for lead generation.
Aimino Enhancement: Use Aimino’s tools to maximize the efficiency of basic LinkedIn searches and manage connections.

2. LinkedIn Premium Career:
Cost: $29.99/month or $239/year.
Features: 5 InMail messages, profile view insights, job insights, salary insights, and access to LinkedIn Learning.
Use Case: Ideal for job seekers wanting to stand out and get hired faster.
Aimino Enhancement: Use AI-driven messaging to make the most of InMail credits and personalized job applications.

3. LinkedIn Premium Business:
Cost: $59.99/month or $575.88/year.
Features: 15 InMail credits, unlimited people search, and all Career features.
Use Case: Suitable for business professionals aiming to expand their network and enhance their business prospects.
Aimino Enhancement: Utilize AI for advanced search optimization and targeted networking.

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core:
Cost: $99.99/month or $958.88/year.
Features: 50 InMail credits, advanced search filters, lead & account lists, alerts & notifications, and lead recommendations.
Use Case: Designed for sales professionals focusing on lead generation and relationship building.
Aimino Enhancement: Automate lead management and follow-up processes with Aimino’s AI-driven tools.

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced:
Cost: $169.99/month or $1300/year.
Features: All Core features plus TeamLink, Smart Links, and CSV upload.
Use Case: Ideal for sales teams needing collaborative tools and data integration.
Aimino Enhancement: Enhance team collaboration and data management through AI integrations.

6. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus:
Cost: Custom pricing.
Features: All Advanced features plus CRM synchronization, real-time contact updates, and advanced ads campaign management.
Use Case: Perfect for enterprises looking for comprehensive sales and marketing solutions.
Aimino Enhancement: Integrate CRM data and automate contact updates for seamless sales operations.

7. LinkedIn Recruiter Lite:
Cost: $170/month or $1,480/year.
Features: 30 InMail credits, advanced search filters, recruiting CRM, candidate recommendations, and job posting.
Use Case: Tailored for recruiters and hiring managers to find and manage candidates.
Aimino Enhancement: Optimize candidate sourcing and communication with AI-powered tools.

8. LinkedIn Recruiter:
Cost: $835/month or $8,999/year.
Features: 150 InMail credits, bulk InMail sending, additional search filters, and ATS integration.
Use Case: Comprehensive tool for large-scale recruiting efforts.
Aimino Enhancement: Streamline bulk messaging and candidate tracking with AI solutions.

9. LinkedIn Learning:
Cost: $29.99/month or $239.88/year.
Features: Access to 16,000+ courses for skill development and professional growth.
Use Case: For professionals seeking continuous learning and development.
Aimino Enhancement: Integrate learning paths with professional development goals for enhanced career progression.

Aimino Tech GmbH revolutionizes sales and marketing automation through innovative AI-driven tools. By integrating our solutions with various LinkedIn premium plans, you can significantly enhance your lead generation, recruitment, and professional development efforts. Leverage Aimino’s AI capabilities to maximize the potential of LinkedIn’s premium features and achieve better business outcomes.