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Automate large-scale personalized outreach

even while you relax

Reach your leads with customized messages in less time and completely automated! Create your own sales funnel in minutes and let Aimino’s software do the work for you.


Create Campaigns

Set up LinkedIn or email campaigns by uploading leads and designing a tailored sales funnel.


Auto-Qualify Leads

Auto-score and -segment your leads, comparing data from your CRM or their LinkedIN profiles to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Suggest optimal nurturing strategies and personalize outreach to best fit each lead, making the process efficient and tailored.


Auto-Respond to Leads

Handle all conversations directly in Aimino software with advanced features like note-taking and lead categorization. Optimize AI-suggested responses or use messaging autopilot for efficient deal-closing.


Analyze Performance

Tab ContentTrack your campaign’s daily performance metrics. Get real-time analytics and take data-driven actions for LinkedIn and email campaigns.

Integrate with your current tools seamlessly

Connect Aimino with 1000+ software options such as Google Sheets, Hubspot CRM, Zoho, Salesforce, Asana, and more. Utilize Zapier for a simple and swift connection process that’s just a few clicks away.

Advanced algorithm to secure your email and LinkedIN account

Start your Aimino trial, get a local IP, and leverage cloud-based performance management for secure LinkedIn or email prospecting. With Aimino, confidently send 500+ weekly LinkedIn connections, risk-free.

Works best for

6.4.Sales Teams
Sales Teams

Make cold calling enjoyable! With Aimino, eliminate template redundancy and rejections. Effortlessly add a personal touch to your interactions with our automated personalized messaging.

Marketing Agencies

Launch prospecting campaigns quickly with auto-personalization for higher replies and shorter time-to-conversion. Manage campaigns and view team analytics directly from your control panel.

Business Owners

Overwhelmed with abundant sales concepts and limited time? Utilize Aimino to place your lead generation on complete autopilot, freeing you to focus on vital strategic initiatives


Distinguish your outreach to top-tier candidates with personalized tone, language, and content. With Aimino, connect with over 2000 potential candidates monthly, filling your open roles effectively.

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with various platforms like LinkedIn Free, Premium, Sales Navigator, Recruiter and common email management tools (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aimino?

Aimino is an AI-driven sales automation platform that enhances your CRM by offering personalized sales messaging, thereby increasing lead conversions and improving employee satisfaction.

How does Aimino differ from other sales automation tools?

Aimino goes beyond simple automation. It leverages AI to provide highly personalized outreach and offers LinkedIn automation for improved lead generation. The result is higher conversion rates and a reduction in time-to-conversion.

How does the personalized outreach in Aimino work?

Aimino uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze lead profiles and suggest personalized messages based on each lead’s specifics. This approach ensures that your outreach feels personalized and impactful, not mass-produced.

Do I need to keep my browser and laptop open while Aimino is up and running?

Aimino works seamlessly in the background, whether your browser or laptop is open or not, ensuring your sales processes continue without interruption.

How does Aimino make automated messages seem manually typed?

Aimino’s AI understands the nuances of human conversation. It generates unique, personalized messages for each lead, making automated messages seem as though they were manually typed.

Can I use Aimino with many LinkedIn accounts?

Yes, Aimino supports operation across multiple LinkedIn accounts. It offers LinkedIn automation that ensures your lead generation efforts are consistent across all your accounts.

How many connection requests and messages can I send with Aimino?

Aimino optimizes your outreach to ensure effectiveness without breaching LinkedIn’s usage guidelines. The actual number of connection requests and messages may vary based on your specific usage and LinkedIn’s policies.

Does Aimino work for teams?

Absolutely! Aimino is designed to improve sales productivity for both individuals and teams, with features such as CRM integration and LinkedIn automation benefiting entire sales departments.

How can I ensure my LinkedIn account won't get blocked while using Aimino?

Aimino is designed with respect to LinkedIn’s usage guidelines. Our smart outreach strategies and LinkedIn automation are engineered to keep your account safe.

Can I integrate Aimino with my CRM?

Yes, Aimino integrates seamlessly with a variety of CRM systems, enhancing their potential with AI-driven personalization and sales automation.

Launch your first lead generation campaign with automatic personalized messaging in minutes