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Good Data instead of Big Data

Everyone is talking about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning and collecting more data for automating some tasks. The focus primarily lies on optimizing the models, but the models themselves are most often not the main obstacle. Instead, 80% of a data scientist’s time is wasted by collecting and preparing all data.

As a solution, Aimino proposes the data-centric approach. Support the unfulfilling data generation and cleaning tasks while reducing the amount of data needed. Then, data scientists have time for the fulfilling time resulting in a boost of performance.

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Fueling the “AutoML” for data analysis and preparation with Amino.

Machine Learning = Models + Data

The community has put tremendous effort into developing better code and dedicated models for machine learning tasks. The most prominent branch is AutoML, which automatically helps users find the optimal model on their specific data.

The data preparation and analysis, however, are often underrated and require enormous manual efforts. Did you know that roughly 80% of the work is spent on data preparation and curation in a typical AI or data science project?
Aimino offers powerful tools to support data-scientist with an automated data analysis and help them perform data cleansing and generation efficiently. Also, we provide services to assure and improve the dataset quality for our partners.


We help our partners to retrieve a high-quality datasets from their starting point. We assure high data quality by removing unclear samples. We advise our partners to colllect data strategically, which reduces the data acquisitions cost significantly. We also help our partners generate addidtional data points to cover future occurance of data. It allows our partners to enter entirely new business fields, previously inaccessible due to the lack of data.


Fueling the "AutoML" for data analysis and preparation with Amino's toolkit. With our toolkits, you can: - Assure high data quality by removing unclear samples - Acquire data strategically by knowing what to collect - Increase model robustness and unlock new applications by generating essential data points

Industries & Usecase

AI is transforming industries, Aimino takes care of the data.

    Artificial Intelligence is slowly finding its way into many industries, becoming a key technology to ensure competitiveness. The reason is that AI offers a high potential in increasing efficiency and productivity and saving costs. However, AI does not only consist of complex models and algorithms but also the data it is being fed with is a key component. Without the right data, the best model in the world is unlikely to perform well. Therefore, Aimino comes into play. We focus on improving the data quality, especially for unstructured data.


The electronics industry is producing complex products making it a highly innovative field. Having robust and transferable models that can assure the quality of the products is a tremendous competitive advantage, and Aimino offers just that: quickly integrated tools that can easily be used for various products.
Computer Vision is a gamechanger when it comes to automated quality control. Aimino’s tools help to identify, classify and categorize defects resulting in more robust machine learning applications. The secret is that we can generate visuals of possible defects, which ultimately leads to better predictions and tremendously improves the quality of delivered products.
In the pharmaceutical industry, it is of the highest importance that predictions made by machines are right. Unfortunately, for many diseases, data is often not sufficiently available, making it nearly impossible to rely on machine learning applications in the past. Now, Aimino’s tools can find abnormalities in medical images such as X-rays or MRIs.

Leadership team

Tam leads the tech team with the vision to develop the counterpart of AutoML for data operations. Before Aimino, he worked as an AI researcher at Google Cloud AI and Robert-Bosch-GmbH. During his Ph.D. in Computer Vision, he published four papers at top 1-tier AI conferences (NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, and...

Dr.-Ing. Duc Tam Nguyen

Co-Founder & CEO
Phuong aka. Fibi is responsible for adapting products and services to the needs of the market. Before joining Aimino, Fibi specialized in AI during her studies. She co-authored two papers at high-profile AI conferences. In addition, she acquired her leadership and business skills through fellowships for female talents, such as...

Thi Hoai Phuong Nguyen

Co-Founder & COO

Advisory board


Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Geiler

is Head of AI for Autonomous Parking at Robert Bosch GmbH. He is an optimistic maker. His focus is to form a learning organization with a strong "we can make it happen” attitude.

Nam Nguyen

Software Engineer at Datadog

Stefan Bange

is Country Director Germany at CybelAngel. After 15 years of working experience in IT and cybersecurity, Stefan has extensive knowledge in the landscape of digital risk, cyber-, and information security.

Tolga Yilmaz

is Cyber Defense Center Domain Manager at MAN Truck & Bus SE. Tolga has extensive experience building and managing strategic, sustainable IT organizations and related governance, processes, and operations.


Aimino is an AI-Startup in Karlsruhe, Germany. We want to help companies implement Artificial Intelligence applications in particular by focusing on the data at hand. We are convinced that relevant data is all you need for a successful implementation of AI use-cases.

Aimino offers powerful tools to support data-scientist with an automated data analysis and help them perform data cleansing and generation efficiently. Also, we provide services to assure and improve the dataset quality for our partners.

Our tools are made for AI Developers and Data Scientists who want to save time during the data preparation process and boost their model performance.

Aimino’s tools reduce the effort required for data acquisition and pre-processing. The time spent on data preparation is reduced from 20% to up to 80%. In addition, your AI projects are completed 2.5 times faster. Our tools help to reduce your project costs and increase the coverage of AI use cases.

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