Benefits from smart wearables

Improve battery life

Use efficient algorithms on-device instead of sending data to the cloud

More user privacy

Collect and process user data on-device

better interfaces

Leverage sensor data and easily add functionalities for best user experience

Smart Wearable usecases

Smart Wearables

Track and monitor vital functions during sport programs for better workouts

Smart Wearables

Monitor and analyze health parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, and motion by using data from different sensors. Receive accurate and individual advice to achieve a high-quality life.

Smart Wearables

Detect relevant sounds like a fire alarm, crying babies, and similar in noisy environments with acoustic signals to get alerted.

Smart Wearables

Translate users’ motions into gestures by using gyroscopic sensors, radar sensors, and capacitive touch. Teach new gestures to wearables as a shortcut to complex actions.

Smart Wearables

Power efficient edge AI solutions for wake word detection in small devices like smart watches.

Move from concept to deployment quickly

Application owned by you

Applications developed by you using our toolkit belong to you. Application code is owned by you and commercially usable under Apache 2.0 License.

Less engineering

Simplify data engineering significantly with synthetic data augmentation and robust testing.

Supported by experts

Have access to support from Machine Learning leaders, scientists, and engineers from Aimino to overcome technical challenges.

Data agnostic

Machine Learning systems can be developed and deployed for many data types, from text to images and sensory inputs.

Easy deployment

ML systems developed with Aimino can be deployed on a wide range of devices, from mobile devices to Raspberry Pi.

Learn quickly

The toolkit continously includes state-of-the-art Machine Learning capablity. Catch up with recent technological advances quickly.