What is TeamLink on LinkedIn? [TeamLink Extend Tips for 2024]

In this article, I will show you what LinkedIn TeamLink is and how to use LinkedIn TeamLink for your lead generation. We will also look at TeamLink Extend, the upgraded version of LinkedIn TeamLink available with Sales Navigator Enterprise.
What is TeamLink on LinkedIn?
LinkedIn TeamLink helps sales teams detect warm introduction opportunities with their prospects. TeamLink shows you if people in your search results are 1st-degree connections of your teammates.
How to Use TeamLink on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

When you are looking for prospects using Sales Navigator search filters, go to “Activities and shared Experience” > “With TeamLink intro.”
Search for Prospects: Use Sales Navigator to search for prospects.
Filter by TeamLink Intro: Apply the “With TeamLink intro” filter.
Identify Connections: See which prospects are connected to your teammates.
Request Introduction: Click on the “TeamLink Introduction” to see the teammate and send them a message to ask for an introduction.

Navigate to Sales Navigator: Use the search filters to find your ideal prospects.
Apply TeamLink Filter: Select “Activities and shared Experience” > “With TeamLink intro.”
View Connections: Look at the prospects who have a connection with your teammates.
Request Intro: Click on the “TeamLink Introduction” and request an introduction from your teammate.

What is TeamLink Extend on LinkedIn?
LinkedIn TeamLink Extend is an enhanced version of TeamLink that allows you to access the network of everyone in your company, rather than just your direct teammates.
Benefits of TeamLink Extend:
Expanded Network: Access to the entire company’s network, not limited to just 10 teammates.
Increased Warm Introductions: Significantly more potential warm introductions.
Greater Reach: Leverage connections from all colleagues, increasing your reach within target companies.

How to Use TeamLink Extend on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
The process is similar to using regular TeamLink but with an extended network scope.
Activate TeamLink Extend Filter: Use the “With TeamLink intro” filter as usual.
Identify Leads: See all leads with at least one connection within your company.
Request Intros: Click on “Message” and ask your colleague for an introduction.

Other Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team
In addition to TeamLink, Sales Navigator Team offers other features to boost your LinkedIn outreach:
Smart Links: Share trackable links to content and get real-time insights on who viewed it.
Account List Creation through CSV Upload: Upload a CSV to create account lists quickly and efficiently.
Smart Links: Use Smart Links to share content with your prospects and track engagement.
CSV Upload: Create account lists by uploading a CSV file with account information.

LinkedIn TeamLink and TeamLink Extend are powerful tools within Sales Navigator that can significantly enhance your lead generation efforts by leveraging the connections within your team and company. By using these features, you can identify warm introductions, increase your reach, and improve the efficiency of your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.