What Are LinkedIn InMail Messages & How Do They Work?

LinkedIn offers two options to start private conversations: regular messages and InMails. Should you use LinkedIn InMails or messages to reach out to people on LinkedIn? This guide will answer that question and provide a comprehensive overview of LinkedIn InMails.

What is LinkedIn InMail?
LinkedIn InMail is a premium feature that allows you to message LinkedIn members directly, even if you’re not connected. With a basic (free) account, you can only message connected members. To access InMail, you need a premium account.
The 3 Types of LinkedIn InMails
Paid InMails
LinkedIn Premium Career: 5 InMail credits/month
LinkedIn Premium Business: 15 InMail credits/month
LinkedIn Sales Navigator: 50 InMail credits/month
LinkedIn Recruiter: 150 InMail credits/month
Paid InMails include a subject line and an InMail tag in the recipient’s inbox.
Free InMails
Available to LinkedIn Premium users for messaging Open Profiles, which are profiles of Premium members who allow others to contact them for free.
Appear like regular messages without an InMail tag but may include a subject line.
Sponsored InMails
Sent through LinkedIn Ads, appearing as “Sponsored” in the recipient’s inbox.
Recipients cannot reply to Sponsored InMails but can click on calls to action (CTAs).

How To Send an InMail on LinkedIn
1. Send InMails with LinkedIn Premium
Navigate to a LinkedIn profile.
Click “More.”
Click “Message.”
Type a subject line and your message.
Tap “Send.”

2. Send InMails with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Navigate to a Sales Navigator profile.
Click “Message.”
Type a subject line and your message.
Tap “Send.”

3. Send InMails with LinkedIn Recruiter
Navigate to a Recruiter profile.
Click the message icon.
Type a subject line and your message.
Tap “Send.”

How Does LinkedIn InMail Work?
Key Points:
No Follow-Ups: You can’t send follow-up InMails unless the initial message is accepted and responded to.
Reply Refunds: InMails that get replies within 90 days are credited back.
Character Limits: InMail subject lines are limited to 200 characters, and messages are limited to 1900 characters.

LinkedIn InMail Best Practices: How To Get More Replies
Write Short Subject Lines: Use one or two words, keep it vague yet intriguing.
Write Short Messages: Shorter messages are easier to read and respond to.
Personalize Your Messages: Personalized messages have higher reply rates.
Avoid Sending on Fridays and Saturdays: These days have lower response rates.
Use InMails as a Last Resort: Prioritize emails and connection requests.
Automate InMail Sending: Use tools like Linked Helper or Expandi to send InMails at scale.
Utilize Sponsored InMails: Use these for follow-up if no response to initial InMails.

LinkedIn InMails vs. Connection Requests, Messages, and Emails
1. InMail vs. Connection Request
InMails: Paid, limited by credits, land directly in the inbox, look more salesy.
Connection Requests: Free, limited to 100-200 per week, require acceptance, look organic.

2. InMail vs. Message
InMails: Paid, limited by credits, no follow-up, for 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.
Messages: Free, unlimited follow-ups, for 1st-degree connections.

3. InMail vs. Email
InMails: Higher open (57.5%) and response rates (10-25%).
Emails: Lower open (22%) and response rates (1-10%).

LinkedIn InMail Templates
1. InMail Template for Sales
RABT Formula:
Reason for Outreach
Ask a Question
Backup with Data
Tease Your Solution

2. InMail Template for Recruiters
RABT Formula:
Reason: Why it’s a good time for the candidate.
Ask: Confirm the timing.
Backup: Show similar successful timings.
Teasing: Present the opportunity.

3. InMail Template for Job Seekers
RABT Formula:
Reason: Why it’s a good time to contact.
Ask: Confirm the timing.
Backup: Show understanding of challenges.
Teasing: Demonstrate your solution to their challenges.

Q: What is the Difference Between LinkedIn InMail and message? A: InMail allows direct messaging without a connection request, while regular messages require a connection.
Q: Can you send an InMail to someone not in your LinkedIn network? A: Yes, InMail lets you message any LinkedIn member directly.
Q: How effective are LinkedIn InMails compared to other outreach methods? A: LinkedIn InMails have three times higher open rates than emails, making them a highly effective outreach method.

By understanding and utilizing LinkedIn InMails effectively, you can enhance your outreach strategy and achieve better response rates. For even greater efficiency, consider integrating Aimino’s AI-driven tools for sales and marketing automation.