The 35 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools For 2024 [Free & Paid]

Q: What are the best LinkedIn automation tools for 2024?
A: Here is a comprehensive list of 35 top LinkedIn automation tools, both free and paid, to help you streamline your LinkedIn activities:

1.Aimino: Specializes in AI-driven sales and marketing automation, offering a powerful Chrome extension for finding contact information.
2.Evaboot: Ideal for exporting leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to CSV and finding their emails.
3.LaGrowthMachine: A multichannel outreach tool that integrates LinkedIn, email, and Twitter for lead generation.
4.Taplio: A LinkedIn marketing tool for scheduling posts, getting post ideas with AI, and interacting with other LinkedIn creators.
5.Lempod: An engagement tool for automatically getting likes and comments on your LinkedIn posts.
6.Expandi: A multichannel outreach tool that includes LinkedIn automation, cold emails, and InMails.
7.Linked Helper: A desktop-based tool simulating human behavior for LinkedIn messaging and connection requests.
8.Lemlist: Integrates LinkedIn actions into cold email sequences for comprehensive prospecting.
9.Zopto: Uses GPT-3 to write personalized message templates for LinkedIn and email outreach.
10.Waalaxy: Combines LinkedIn messaging automation with email for multichannel outreach.
11.Phantombuster: An all-in-one tool for automating LinkedIn and other platforms like Google, Instagram, and Facebook.
12.Dripify: Advanced LinkedIn messaging automation with a powerful safety algorithm.
13.Octopus CRM: A browser-based tool for sending personalized LinkedIn messages and connection requests.
14.WeConnect: Focused on LinkedIn messaging automation with easy-to-use features and affordable pricing.
15.TexAu: Automates actions on LinkedIn and other platforms like Slack, Product Hunt, and Craigslist.
16.Meet Alfred: A multichannel outreach tool with LinkedIn CRM integration and automation capabilities.
17.Dux Soup: A cost-effective browser-based LinkedIn automation tool. A comprehensive multichannel outreach tool that includes LinkedIn, email, WhatsApp, SMS, and calls.
19.Salesflow: Designed for LinkedIn lead generation and outbound marketing.
20.LinkedRadar: Offers intelligent human-simulation for LinkedIn outreach, ensuring account safety.
21.LiProspect: An automated LinkedIn prospecting tool with cloud-based automation.
22.Demand: AI-driven platform for LinkedIn and email automation with advanced tracking and analysis tools.
23.Skylead: Combines LinkedIn automation with cold email software.
24.LinkedFusion: Streamlines LinkedIn outreach with a focus on safety and efficiency.
25.Wiza: Generates B2B contact data from LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter.
26.Salesloft: AI-powered revenue workflow platform with LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration.
27.Crystal Knows: Provides deep personality insights for enhanced communication and relationship building.
28.LeadConnect: Automates LinkedIn outreach and syncs with HubSpot for seamless lead management.
29.Surfe: Integrates LinkedIn with CRM systems for enriched contact management and deal tracking.
30.Captain Data: Automates data extraction and enrichment tasks from LinkedIn and other platforms.
31.Podawaa: Boosts LinkedIn post engagement by automating likes and comments.
32.Datagma: Provides real-time B2B data enrichment and GDPR-compliant contact information.
33.Lusha: Offers direct B2B contact information with GDPR and CCPA compliance.
34.Kaspr: Finds phone numbers and emails from LinkedIn profiles using a Chrome extension.
35.Hublead: Syncs LinkedIn contacts with HubSpot CRM for efficient prospecting.

Q: Why use LinkedIn automation tools?
A: LinkedIn automation tools help personalize your outreach at scale. They allow sending human-like messages to large lists of leads without having to write all the messages yourself. This increases efficiency and ensures consistency in your lead generation efforts.

Q: What types of LinkedIn automation tools are available?
A: There are four main types of LinkedIn automation tools:
LinkedIn Messaging Automation Tools: Automate profile views, connection requests, messages, follow-ups, and InMails.
LinkedIn Scraping Tools: Extract data from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator searches and find emails of prospects.
Multichannel Outreach Tools: Combine LinkedIn scraping, messaging automation, and cold emails.
LinkedIn Marketing Automation Tools: Automate social selling tasks like publishing posts, commenting, liking, and engaging with content.

Q: What are the different types of LinkedIn automation based on technology?
A: LinkedIn automation tools can be categorized into three types based on their technology:
Browser-Based Automations: Run directly in your browser and simulate clicks to replicate human behavior.
Cloud-Based Automations: Use dedicated servers to perform LinkedIn activities without needing to install software on your desktop.
Desktop-Based Automations: Run from your desktop and simulate clicks like a real human.

By leveraging these LinkedIn automation tools, you can significantly enhance your lead generation, networking, and marketing efforts, while maintaining efficiency and personalization at scale. Aimino, with its AI-driven sales and marketing automation, stands out as a powerful option to consider for optimizing your LinkedIn strategy.