Benefits from healthcare solutions

Deep insights

Add smart functionalities to provide more insights and advise users to achieve a healthier life.

High availability

Create applications that are reliable 24/7 and help users anytime and anywhere.

High-quality service

Provides health services on a high-quality basis, that typically requires intense human intervention.

Industrial usecases

Add powerful and smart functionalities to your products.

Move from concept to deployment quickly

Application owned by you

Applications developed by you using our toolkit belong to you. Application code is owned by you and commercially usable under Apache 2.0 License.

Less engineering

Simplify data engineering significantly with synthetic data augmentation and robust testing.

Supported by experts

Have access to support from Machine Learning leaders, scientists, and engineers from Aimino to overcome technical challenges.

Data agnostic

Machine Learning systems can be developed and deployed for many data types, from text to images and sensory inputs.

Easy deployment

ML systems developed with Aimino can be deployed on a wide range of devices, from mobile devices to Raspberry Pi.

Learn quickly

The toolkit continously includes state-of-the-art Machine Learning capablity. Catch up with recent technological advances quickly.