LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Search Filters Tutorial

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers over 30 advanced search filters to help you find leads and accounts effectively. Compared to the basic LinkedIn search, which offers only 18 filters, Sales Navigator is the superior tool for identifying potential customers and ideal candidates quickly.
In this article, we will cover everything you need to know to get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Let’s dive right in.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Search Filters
There are six types of lead filters on Sales Navigator:
Keyword Filter
Company Filters
Role Filters
Spotlight Filters
Personal Filters
Workflow Filters

1. Keyword Filter
Q: How does the keyword filter work in LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
A: The keyword filter searches the entire profile of LinkedIn members, including their headline, job title, about section, skills, schools, and recommendations. Use this filter cautiously, as it can pull results from unexpected areas of a profile.

2. Company Filters
Q: What company filters are available on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
A: There are several company filters to refine your search:
Company Headcount: Filters leads based on the size of the company they work for. Be aware that this number is manually input by companies and may not always be accurate.
Current Company: Targets people currently working at specific companies.
Past Company: Finds individuals who previously worked at specific companies, useful for finding alumni.
Company Type: Filters companies based on their type (e.g., privately held, publicly traded).
Company Headquarters: Targets leads based on the location of their company headquarters.

3. Role Filters
Q: What role filters can I use in Sales Navigator?
A: Role filters help you find leads based on their job roles:
Current Job Title: Searches for specific job titles within current experiences.
Past Job Title: Targets job titles from previous experiences.
Function: LinkedIn’s algorithm-based function filter (use cautiously).
Seniority Level: Another algorithm-based filter to gauge seniority (also to be used cautiously).
Years in Current Company: Useful for targeting new heads of departments or established entrepreneurs.
Years in Current Position: Similar to the previous filter but focuses on the current job position duration.

4. Spotlight Filters
Q: What are Spotlight filters on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
A: Spotlight filters highlight recent activities and changes:
Changed Job in the Past 90 Days: Targets individuals who recently changed positions.
Mentioned in the News in the Last 30 Days: Finds leads mentioned in recent news, offering great icebreakers.
Posted on LinkedIn in 30 Days: Identifies active LinkedIn users who have posted recently.
Following Your Company: Finds people who follow your company on LinkedIn.
Have Shared Experience with You: Targets leads with shared job or educational experiences.
With Teamlink Intro: Leverages your team’s network for introductions.
Past Colleague: Finds people who previously worked with you.
Viewed Your Profile in the Last 90 Days: Identifies people who have viewed your profile recently.

5. Personal Filters
Q: What personal filters are available in Sales Navigator?
A: Personal filters help you narrow down your search based on individual attributes:
Connections: Filters leads by their degree of connection to you.
Geography: Targets leads based on their personal location.
Industry: Filters leads by the industry they have selected on their profile.
Years of Experience: Targets leads with a specific amount of professional experience.
Connections of: Finds leads connected to specific individuals.
Groups: Targets leads who are members of specific LinkedIn groups.
First Name: Filters leads by their first name.
Last Name: Filters leads by their last name.
Profile Language: Targets leads based on the primary language of their LinkedIn profile.
Teamlink Connections of: Leverages connections within your team’s network.
School: Finds leads based on their educational background.

6. Workflow Filters
Q: How can Workflow filters improve my lead search?
A: Workflow filters streamline your sales process by incorporating elements like saved searches and account lists, allowing for more precise targeting and efficient lead management.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account Search Filters
There are four types of account filters on Sales Navigator:
Keyword Filter
Company Attributes Filters
Spotlights Filters
Workflow Filters

1. Keyword Filter
Q: What does the account keyword filter do?
A: The account keyword filter searches within the overview and specialties fields of company profiles, helping you find relevant accounts quickly.

2. Company Attributes Filters
Q: What company attributes filters are available?
A: There are ten company attributes filters:
Annual Revenue: Filters companies based on their estimated annual revenue.
Company Headcount: Filters based on the number of employees.
Company Headcount Growth: Targets companies experiencing growth.
Headquarters Location: Filters companies by the location of their headquarters.
Industry: Filters companies by industry.
Number of Followers: Targets companies with a specific number of LinkedIn followers.
Department Headcount: Filters companies by the size of specific departments.
Department Headcount Growth: Targets companies with growing departments.
Fortune: Finds Fortune 500 companies.
Technologies Used: Filters companies based on the technologies they use.

3. Spotlight Filters
Q: What are the Spotlight filters for accounts?
A: Account Spotlight filters highlight recent company activities:
Hiring on LinkedIn: Finds companies that are currently hiring.
Recent Activities: Targets companies with recent executive changes or funding events.
Connections: Identifies companies where you have first-degree connections.

Advanced Techniques for Sales Navigator Search
Q: What advanced techniques can enhance my use of Sales Navigator?
Use Boolean Search: Refine searches with logical connectors and punctuation for precision.
Use Saved Searches: Get notified when new leads match your criteria.
Use Blacklists: Avoid contacting past clients or competitors by excluding them from searches.
Use Account-Based Searches: Find decision-makers within specific account lists.
Upload CSV Files: Import lists of accounts to streamline lead identification.
Use Aimino to Find Emails: Once you have your lead list, Aimino’s AI-driven tools can help you find email addresses and other contact information efficiently.

Q: How can Aimino enhance my LinkedIn Sales Navigator experience?
A: Aimino’s AI-driven sales and marketing automation tools, including the Chrome extension for finding contact information, can significantly streamline your lead generation and outreach processes, making Sales Navigator even more powerful and effective.
By following these steps and leveraging Aimino’s capabilities, you can master LinkedIn Sales Navigator and improve your sales prospecting efforts.

Q: What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
A: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium tool offering advanced search filters and insights to enhance your sales prospecting on LinkedIn.
Q: How many search filters does LinkedIn Sales Navigator offer?
A: Sales Navigator offers over 30 advanced search filters to help you find leads and accounts.
Q: How does Aimino integrate with LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
A: Aimino’s tools, including AI-driven sales automation and a Chrome extension, integrate seamlessly with Sales Navigator to help you find contact information and manage your outreach more effectively.