LinkedIn Open Profiles: What Are They And How To Find Them?

Have you come across the term “LinkedIn Open Profiles” and wondered what it means? LinkedIn Open Profiles is a feature that allows users to be more accessible on the platform. But how do you identify these profiles, and what benefits do they offer?

What Are LinkedIn Open Profiles?
LinkedIn’s Open Profile is a Premium feature that allows any user to message Premium members without any charges, even if they aren’t directly connected. This feature enhances networking by enabling more direct communication.

Key Features of LinkedIn Open Profiles:
Direct Messaging: Send messages to Premium members without being connected.
Full Profile View: View complete profiles of those with Open Profile enabled.
To use Open Profile, a Premium subscription is necessary.

How to Turn on Open Profile on LinkedIn?
To activate Open Profile on LinkedIn:
Click your profile picture and select ‘View profile’.
Click the Edit icon.
Click the Dropdown next to the gold Premium badge.
Turn on the ‘Open Profile’ toggle.
Activating this feature allows any LinkedIn member to message you freely, regardless of connection status.

Should You Turn on Open Profile on LinkedIn?
Activating the Open Profile option is beneficial if you want to have more conversations on LinkedIn. It increases your visibility and accessibility, allowing potential leads, candidates, or partners to reach out easily.
Increases visibility.
Encourages more networking opportunities.
May increase unsolicited messages.

Who Can See Your Open Profile on LinkedIn?
Any LinkedIn user can view the full profile of Premium members with the Open Profile feature enabled. This also lets them contact these Premium members without charges, regardless of connection status.
How to Manually Find Open Profiles on LinkedIn?
Finding Open Profiles manually on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator can be an efficient lead generation strategy on a smaller scale.
Steps to Find Open Profiles:
Visit Profiles: Check profiles by clicking on “More” and then “Message”.
Identify Open Profiles: If the message box shows “Free Messages”, it’s an Open Profile.

How To Filter Open Profiles on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
Here’s how you can filter Open Profiles on LinkedIn using Sales Navigator and Aimino:
Search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator:
Use filters like current job title, company, and years of experience.
Use LinkedIn Boolean search for more accurate results.
Export Your Search into CSV with Aimino:
Install the Aimino Chrome extension.
Click the “Extract with Aimino” button at the top of the Sales Navigator search page.
Export your search results into a CSV file.
Look into the Column “Prospect is Open Profile”:
Open the CSV file and look for the column labeled “Prospect is Open Profile”.
Filter results to identify TRUE values, indicating Open Profiles.

How To Leverage LinkedIn Open Profiles?
1. Save Connection Request Credits:
Separate your outreach campaigns into two lists: one for Open Profiles (InMail) and one for normal profiles (connection requests).
This helps manage the weekly connection request limit effectively.
2. Send Unlimited InMails:
Contacting Open Profiles allows you to send unlimited InMails, making it easier to reach more people.
Ensure the quality of messages to avoid spammy impressions.
3. Get Contacted by Recruiters:
Activate the Open Profile setting if you’re a job seeker with LinkedIn Premium Career.
It signals potential employers that you are open to job opportunities.

Activating and identifying LinkedIn Open Profiles can significantly enhance your networking and lead generation efforts. By following these strategies, you can efficiently connect with more professionals and potential clients, driving your business or career forward.

Can you see who viewed your profile on LinkedIn Premium? Yes, LinkedIn Premium subscribers can see who viewed their profile. This feature is accessible from the profile page under the “Analytics” section.
How is LinkedIn Premium different from LinkedIn? LinkedIn Premium offers advanced features like direct access to recruiters, insights into profile views, competitive analysis for job applications, and online courses.
How do you upgrade to LinkedIn Premium? To upgrade:
Click the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Select “Settings & Privacy”.
Under “Subscriptions & Payments,” click “Change” next to Premium Subscription.
Choose the plan that fits your needs and follow the instructions.
Does LinkedIn Premium allow you to see anonymous users? No, LinkedIn Premium does not reveal the identities of anonymous viewers. Member privacy is respected regardless of subscription level.
By leveraging LinkedIn Open Profiles and using tools like Aimino, you can enhance your professional networking and lead generation strategies effectively.