LinkedIn Limits For Connection Requests & Messages in 2024

Have you ever encountered limitations when connecting with professionals or sending messages on LinkedIn? Many users are unaware of LinkedIn’s specific limits on connection requests, messages, and profile visits. This guide provides all you need to know about LinkedIn limits and how to increase your connection request and message limits to optimize your outreach.

LinkedIn Limits Overview
Connection Requests: 100 – 200/week
1st Degree Connections: 30,000 connections
Classic Messages: 150/day
InMails: 25/day
Open InMails: 200/week
Message Requests: 400/week
LinkedIn Profile Visits: 80/day (150 for Premium users)
Sales Navigator Profile Visits: 1000/day
Exceeding LinkedIn limits can impact your networking efforts and even lead to account restrictions. Let’s dive into the specifics of these limits and how to navigate them.

LinkedIn Connection Requests Limits
1. How Many LinkedIn Connections Can You Send Per Week?
You can send around 100 connection requests per week. By improving your Social Selling Index (SSI) score, you can push that limit up to 200 requests per week.
2. How Many LinkedIn Connections Can You Send Per Day?
You can send up to 20 connection requests per day on average. This is not a fixed number of invites as LinkedIn imposes a weekly limitation, not a daily one. For instance, if you can send 100 connection requests in a week, you might send 60 in one day and 10 per day for the rest of the week.
3. How to React When You Hit the LinkedIn Weekly Invitation Limit?
When you hit the weekly limit, LinkedIn will monitor your profile closely. To avoid restrictions:
Stop sending invitations for 5 days.
Start sending a few manual connection requests for the next 3 days.
Resume using automation software if manual requests work.
4. When Does the Weekly Invitation Limit Reset?
The weekly limit resets 7 days after you send your first invitation. If you send a request on a Friday at 5 PM, the limit resets the next Friday at 5 PM.

Increasing LinkedIn Connection Request Limits
1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
A high acceptance rate on your connection requests signals LinkedIn that you are a healthy user. Optimize your profile by:
Designing an original picture and banner.
Writing a simple and clear headline.
Detailing your value proposition in the About section.
Displaying posts and links in the Featured section.
Customizing your LinkedIn URL.
Detailing job experiences and education.
2. Improve Your Social Selling Index Score
The LinkedIn SSI score evaluates your activity on LinkedIn. A higher SSI score increases your chance of sending more connection requests. The SSI score is based on:
Establishing your professional brand.
Finding the right people.
Engaging with insights.
Building relationships.
3. Work on Your Copywriting Skills
Personalize your connection requests and messages. Avoid sending the same message to everyone. High acceptance and response rates to personalized messages will help you stay under LinkedIn’s radar.
4. Warm Up Your LinkedIn Account
For new accounts, start by sending connection requests manually and gradually increase the number. Avoid using automation tools immediately after creating your account.
5. Get LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Sales Navigator boosts your SSI and helps build targeted lead lists. It’s essential for maintaining a good connection request acceptance rate and response rate.
6. Use LinkedIn Automation Tools
Tools like Waalaxy, Lemlist, and LaGrowthMachine can help automate connection requests, but should only be used after warming up your account.

Bypassing LinkedIn Weekly Connection Request Limitation
1. Contact Open Profiles
Open Profiles allow anyone to contact them without sending a connection request. Use tools to identify Open Profiles in your lead list.
2. Find Emails From LinkedIn
Use tools like Aimino to extract leads and find their emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
3. Sync Your Email Contacts
Sync your Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook/AOL contacts with LinkedIn. These invitations are not counted in the weekly limitation.
4. Contact Group Members and Event Attendees
Join LinkedIn groups and events to send messages to members and attendees without sending connection requests.
5. Use LinkedIn Message Ads
Use paid LinkedIn Message Ads to reach prospects directly in their inboxes.

LinkedIn Connections Limit
1. What is the LinkedIn Connection Limit?
You can have a maximum of 30,000 connections on LinkedIn. After hitting this limit, people can only follow you, and you cannot send more connection requests.
2. Can I Have More Than 30,000 Connections on LinkedIn?
No, you cannot have more than 30,000 connections, but you can have an unlimited number of followers.
3. How to React When You Reach the LinkedIn Connection Limit?
If you reach this limit, activate creator mode and display your number of followers. Use another account for prospecting if necessary.

LinkedIn Messages Limits
1. How Many Messages Can You Send on LinkedIn Per Day?
Send up to 150 messages per day to avoid account restrictions.
2. How Many InMails Can You Send on LinkedIn Per Day?
LinkedIn Premium users can send up to 25 InMails per day. LinkedIn Recruiter users can send up to 1000 InMails after the first week.
3. How Many Message Requests Can You Send on LinkedIn Per Week?
Send up to 400 message requests per week to LinkedIn group members and event attendees.

LinkedIn Profile Views Limit
1. How Many Profiles Can You View on LinkedIn Per Day?
Free users can view up to 80 profiles daily, while Premium users can view up to 150 profiles daily. Sales Navigator users can view up to 1000 profiles daily.
2. How Many Sales Navigator Profiles Can You View Per Day?
Sales Navigator users can view up to 1000 profiles per day.
3. How to View More Than 1000 Profiles on LinkedIn Search?
To view more than 1000 profiles, split your search into several chunks, use LinkedIn Premium accounts, or utilize Google X-Ray search.

Understanding and navigating LinkedIn’s limits is crucial for effective prospecting. By optimizing your profile, improving your SSI score, personalizing your messages, and using the right tools, you can maximize your LinkedIn outreach without risking account restrictions.