LinkedIn Lead Generation: 29 Strategies To Find Leads (2024)

LinkedIn is by far the best place to find sales leads. Why? Because you can use outbound, inbound, and ads strategies all at the same time on the same channel. Here are 29 proven LinkedIn lead generation strategies that you can use:
Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
Optimize your LinkedIn profile for sales to make a good first impression. Ensure your profile picture, headline, and banner showcase your value proposition clearly. Detail your experiences and include a compelling About section.
Show your value proposition visually on your banner.
Have a nice profile picture.
Clear headline.
Showcase your best posts.

Become a LinkedIn Influencer
Post good content frequently to grow your followers and become a thought leader in your industry. Engage with people who like or comment on your posts to start conversations.
Celebrate milestones.
Publish tutorials.
Tell interesting stories.
Offer content in exchange for comments.

Export LinkedIn Post Likers
Use tools like Phantombuster to export LinkedIn post likers and commenters to find leads who are already familiar with your content.

Find Leads with Sales Navigator
Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced search filters to build high-quality lead lists and find decision-makers in your target companies.

Use Sales Navigator Alerts
Set up alerts to get notifications about changes and updates on your saved leads or accounts. Use this information to personalize your outreach.

Get Emails from LinkedIn
Use tools like Aimino to extract leads and find their emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Send Personalized Messages
Craft personalized LinkedIn messages that focus on the recipient, not on you. Start a conversation rather than pushing for a meeting immediately.

Send Relevant Follow-Ups
Send follow-ups that add value rather than repeating your initial proposition. Include content, testimonials, or results obtained with similar clients.

Automate LinkedIn Prospecting
Use LinkedIn lead generation tools like LaGrowthMachine, Lemlist, LinkedHelper, Waalaxy, or Expandi to automate your outreach while maintaining personalization.

Bypass LinkedIn Weekly Invitation Limit
Use hacks like sending invitations via emails, contacting Open Profiles, and reaching out to LinkedIn group members and event attendees to bypass LinkedIn’s weekly invitation limit.

Use InMail Messages
Use InMails as a last resort to contact prospects directly in their inboxes if they haven’t responded to connection requests or emails.

Send Unlimited InMails
Identify and contact Open Profiles, LinkedIn group members, and LinkedIn event attendees to send unlimited InMails.

Use LinkedIn Boolean Search
Master LinkedIn Boolean search to build super-qualified lead lists using logical connectors and punctuation for precise search queries.

Search LinkedIn Profiles with Google
Use Google’s advanced search operators to find LinkedIn profiles and bypass LinkedIn’s search limitations.

Organize LinkedIn Events
Host webinars and live events on LinkedIn to collect LinkedIn profiles of attendees and reach out to them post-event.

Export LinkedIn Event Attendees
Use tools like Phantombuster to export attendees of LinkedIn events to find leads who are interested in your niche or industry.

Steal Your Competitor’s Audience
Reach out to your competitors’ LinkedIn followers by creating a new account and using Sales Navigator to target them.

Use LinkedIn Account Based Marketing
Implement Account Based Marketing to align Sales and Marketing and ensure Sales are getting meetings with qualified leads.

Track Your Leads with Smart Links
Use Smart Links in Sales Navigator to share content and track your prospects’ interactions with it.

Find Introduction Opportunities with TeamLink
Use LinkedIn TeamLink to detect warm introduction opportunities by showing if people in your search results are connected to your teammates.

Use CSV Upload to Build Account Lists
Transform any Excel file into a LinkedIn account list on LinkedIn Sales Navigator by uploading CSVs with account information.

Leverage LinkedIn Groups
Extract members from LinkedIn groups related to your industry and use their membership as an icebreaker in your outreach.

Export LinkedIn Group Members
Use Sales Navigator and tools like Aimino to export LinkedIn group members and find leads interested in your niche or industry.

Look for Alumni on LinkedIn
Use the LinkedIn alumni tool on school pages to find and reach out to alumni from your school or university.

Look at Your Profile Visitors
Check who visited your profile and use tools like TexAu to export their profiles for outreach.

Run Message Ads
Use Sponsored InMail to send personalized messages directly to your audience’s LinkedIn inbox.

Run Lead Gen Forms Ads
Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to collect contact details directly from LinkedIn and increase your conversion rates.

Run Sponsored Content Ads
Promote content in the LinkedIn feed using single image, video, or carousel ads to drive engagement and generate leads.

Run Dynamic Ads
Use Dynamic Ads to boost followers, drive traffic, and increase content downloads with personalized ads in the sidebar of LinkedIn.

Hack LinkedIn Ads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Create hyper-targeted LinkedIn ads audiences by extracting data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and re-uploading it into LinkedIn Ads.

What is LinkedIn Lead Generation? LinkedIn Lead Generation is the process of using LinkedIn to identify and connect with potential buyers and business partners through LinkedIn Marketing, LinkedIn Paid Advertising, and LinkedIn Outreach.
How does LinkedIn generate leads? Optimize your profile, expand your network, create engaging content, interact with connections, utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and follow up with leads to generate leads on LinkedIn. Stay patient, consistent, and provide value to see results.
Do LinkedIn lead gen forms work? Yes, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms work effectively, with an average conversion rate of 13%, significantly higher than the typical landing page conversion rate of 4.02%.
What are LinkedIn lead generation features? LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms pre-fill with accurate profile data, allowing members to share their professional information with just a few clicks. Monitor your campaigns’ cost per lead, lead form fill rate, and the number of leads from specific professional audience segments.