How To Use Sales Navigator for Recruiting

Can you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for recruiting? Absolutely. Sales Navigator is not only more cost-effective than LinkedIn Recruiter, but it also offers greater versatility, allowing you to find both candidates and clients. Here’s a detailed guide on how to leverage Sales Navigator for your recruiting business.

How to Find Candidates on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
While LinkedIn Recruiter and Sales Navigator are different products, Sales Navigator often proves to be a better option for recruiting businesses. Let’s dive into how you can fill your pipeline with top profiles using Sales Navigator.

Step #1: Use Sales Navigator Filters to Find Candidates
Sales Navigator boasts 29 filters, making it more comprehensive than LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, which offers 21 filters. Some key filters include:
Current Job Title
Past Job Title
Current Company
Past Company
Years of Experience
Years in Current Company
You can easily bypass the lack of certain filters in Recruiter Lite by using Sales Navigator’s “Years of Experience” and “Keywords” filters, which scan the entire profile, including the Skills section.

Step #2: Automate Candidate Sourcing with Saved Searches
After fine-tuning your search filters, save your search to receive notifications every time a new candidate matches your criteria. Simply click on “Save Search” and access it through the “Saved Searches” tab to find all new candidates.

Step #3: Personalize Your Outreach
To stand out in your outreach campaigns, hyper-personalization is key. Sales Navigator helps by providing icebreaker ideas in the InMail inbox. You get 50 InMail credits per month, and if you identify Open Profiles, you can send unlimited InMails.

Step #4: Export Candidates from Sales Navigator and Find Their Emails
Use plugins like Aimino to extract candidate data from Sales Navigator searches. Install the Aimino Chrome extension, extract your search, and add email addresses to your CSV file.

Step #5: Find Open To Work Candidates on Sales Navigator
While there’s no “Open to Work” filter on Sales Navigator, you can use Aimino to identify these profiles among your search results. Extract your list and look for the “PROSPECT IS OPEN TO WORK” column in your CSV file.

How to Use Sales Navigator for Your Recruiting Business
Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for recruiting businesses, allowing you to target both candidates and clients.

Step #1: Build a List of Companies Currently Hiring on LinkedIn
Use the “Hiring on LinkedIn” filter to find companies with active job openings. Add additional filters like company headcount, growth rate, department size, location, and industry to create a highly qualified list of accounts.

Step #2: Save the Search to Be Notified When New Companies Start Hiring
Save your account search to receive notifications when new job offers are posted on LinkedIn, automating your lead generation process.

Step #3: Analyze Their Needs with Company Pages Insights
Use company pages to gain insights into their hiring needs. Check the Job Openings section to see how many positions are open and in which departments. Use this information in your prospecting messages to improve reply rates.

Step #4: Find the Decision-Makers
Use the Account Map feature on company pages to identify decision-makers. For large companies, filter by function and select Human Resources. For smaller companies, look for C-Level executives who may handle recruiting themselves.

Step #5: Send Personalized Messages with Account Alerts
Maximize your chances of getting a reply by using the alert section on company pages for icebreaker ideas. Mention recent news or company updates in your messages to show you’ve done your research.

Step #6: Automate Your Lead Generation Process with Account Lists
Build an account list through LinkedIn and use it to find decision-makers with targeted filters. Find emails using Aimino chrome extension.

Step #7: Automate Your Outreach with a Prospecting Tool
Use LinkedIn automation tools like LGM for multichannel outreach sequences via LinkedIn, email, and Twitter.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs. Recruiter: What is the Best Option?
For recruiting businesses, Sales Navigator is the better choice for several reasons:
A Unique Tool to Find Candidates and Clients
Sales Navigator allows you to find both candidates and clients, whereas LinkedIn Recruiter only targets candidates.
Sales Navigator is a Cheaper Alternative
Sales Navigator costs $99/month compared to $160/month for Recruiter Lite and $835/month for Recruiter Corporate. The ROI on Sales Navigator is higher, especially when used for sales operations in recruiting.

By learning how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for recruiting, you can significantly improve your recruiting efforts and ROI. For recruiting businesses, Sales Navigator offers the best balance of features and cost-effectiveness compared to LinkedIn Recruiter. Make the right choice and leverage Sales Navigator to enhance your recruiting strategy.