How to See Pending Connections on LinkedIn in 2024

LinkedIn has revolutionized professional networking, making it easier than ever to connect and grow your network. With over 1 billion users globally, it’s a powerful platform for showcasing skills, connecting with professionals, and discovering new opportunities.
Managing your LinkedIn connections effectively is key to leveraging the platform’s full potential. In this guide, we’ll cover how to view your pending connections on LinkedIn across different devices, helping you stay organized and proactive in your networking efforts.

Understanding Pending Connections on LinkedIn
Pending connections are invitations you’ve sent or received but have not yet been accepted. Keeping track of these connections is vital for several reasons:
Network Growth: Every connection opens doors to new opportunities and collaborations.
Professional Image: Promptly responding to connection requests reflects your professionalism.
Strategic Networking: Selectively accepting requests helps build a more meaningful and relevant network.
How to See LinkedIn Pending Connections on a PC
The LinkedIn desktop interface offers a straightforward way to manage your connections:
Click “My Network”: This will display all your pending connection requests.
Open Invitation Management: Click “See all” to manage your invitations.
View Received Invitations: By default, you’ll see the invitations you’ve received.
View Sent Invitations: Click “Sent” to see the invitations you’ve sent.
If a prospect hasn’t responded to your invitation, you can:
Withdraw the Invitation: This cancels your connection request.
Send a LinkedIn InMail: To continue your outreach efforts.
How to Use LinkedIn InMail
How to See LinkedIn Pending Connections on LinkedIn iPhone App
The LinkedIn iPhone app makes it easy to stay connected on the go:
Open the LinkedIn App: Tap the LinkedIn icon on your iPhone.
Tap “My Network”: Located in the navigation bar at the bottom.
Choose “Invitations”: This will open your pending connections list.
View Sent Invitations: Tap the “Sent” tab to see your sent invitations.
How to See LinkedIn Pending Connections on LinkedIn Android App
The LinkedIn Android app provides a simple interface to manage your connections:
Open the LinkedIn App: Tap the LinkedIn icon on your Android device.
Select “My Network”: Located at the bottom of the screen.
Tap “Invitations”: This will show your pending connections.
View Received Invitations: By default, you’ll see the received invitations.
View Sent Invitations: Tap the “Sent” tab to see the invitations you’ve sent.
Conclusion :
Managing connections on LinkedIn is crucial for maximizing the platform’s potential. By monitoring your pending connections, you can strategically grow your network and enhance your professional presence. Whether on a desktop, iPhone, or Android, stay proactive and make the most of your LinkedIn account.

Q: Why are my LinkedIn connections pending?
A: Pending connections are invitations that have not yet been accepted or declined. They remain pending until the recipient responds.
Q: How long do LinkedIn invitations stay pending?
A: LinkedIn invitations remain pending for six months. After that, they expire and are automatically removed.
Q: How do I cancel a pending connection on LinkedIn?
A: To cancel a pending connection, go to the Invitations section, click ‘Sent’, and then click ‘Undo’ next to the invitation you want to withdraw.
Q: Do LinkedIn connections expire?
A: Yes, invitations expire after six months if not accepted or declined.
Q: Can someone see if you withdraw a LinkedIn request?
A: No, LinkedIn does not notify users when an invitation is withdrawn.