How To See More Than 2500 Leads in Sales Navigator Searches

Q: How can you see more than 2500 leads in LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches?
A: LinkedIn Sales Navigator limits search results to 100 pages of 25 results each, totaling 2500 results. To access more than 2500 leads, you can split your searches into smaller chunks.

Q: What are the steps to split your Sales Navigator searches?
A: Follow these five steps:
Use the right search filters: Seniority Level, Function, and Industry.
Copy-paste the link into a spreadsheet: Save the search URL for each chunk.
Exclude the filters you used: Remove used filters to exclude leads already captured.
Repeat the process: Create additional chunks with different filters.
Export your leads to CSV: Use tools like Aimino to export the data.

Q: How do you effectively use search filters to split Sales Navigator searches?
A: Focus on three filters:
1.Seniority Level

Avoid using the Company Headcount filter as it can exclude leads without company pages (grey logos).
First chunk: Filter by Seniority Level (e.g., “Manager,” “Director”).
Second chunk: Use Function filters (e.g., “Sales,” “Marketing”).
Third chunk: Combine Seniority Level and Function to create a new set of leads.

Q: How do you save and organize the search URLs for each chunk?
A: Copy the URL of each search result and paste it into a Google spreadsheet. This helps you keep track of all your chunks and makes it easy to manage and modify your searches.
Create a spreadsheet with columns for different filters and their corresponding URLs.
Update the spreadsheet each time you create a new chunk by excluding previously used filters.

Q: How can you exclude specific search filters to create new chunks?
A: After saving the URL for a chunk, remove the filters you used to capture those leads. This ensures the next search does not include leads already captured.
First chunk: Use Seniority Level filter.
Second chunk: Exclude the Seniority Level filter and use Function filters.

Q: Can the same technique be applied to account searches?
A: Yes, similar techniques can be used to split Sales Navigator account searches. There are two main methods:
Use search filters: Filters like Company Headcount, Headquarter Location, Industry, Number of Followers, and Company Headcount Growth.
Use account lists: Create and manage account lists by adding up to 999 accounts per list.

Q: How do you split account searches using search filters?
A: Example filters include:
Company Headcount
Headquarter Location
Number of Followers
Company Headcount Growth
Split by “Number of Followers”: Companies with 1-1000 followers, 1001-5000 followers, etc.
Split by “Company Headcount Growth”: Negative growth, 1-10% growth, above 10% growth.

Q: How do you split account searches using account lists?
A: Add accounts to an account list in batches of 999. Exclude this list from your search results and repeat the process.
1.Add up to 999 accounts to an account list.
2.Exclude this list from search results.
3.Repeat the process until fewer than 1000 accounts remain.

Conclusion: By splitting your searches and using the right tools, you can access and manage more than 2500 leads in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This method helps recruiters and sales professionals maximize their search efficiency and outreach efforts.

Q: What are the limitations of LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches? A: Sales Navigator displays only 100 pages of 25 results each, limiting searches to 2500 results.
Q: Which filters should be avoided when splitting searches? A: Avoid using the Company Headcount filter as it excludes leads without company pages.
Q: What tool can help export leads to a CSV file? A: The Aimino app is recommended for exporting leads from Sales Navigator to a CSV file.
Q: Can these techniques be applied to both lead and account searches? A: Yes, the splitting techniques work for both lead and account searches on Sales Navigator.