How To Search LinkedIn Premium Members?

Are you looking to connect with LinkedIn Premium members for potential clients, partners, or candidates? Finding these committed professionals can significantly enhance your network and business opportunities. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to identify LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn Recruiter users.

What Is LinkedIn Premium?
LinkedIn Premium is a subscription-based service offering enhanced features beyond the standard LinkedIn account. With LinkedIn Premium, users can:
See who viewed their profile.
Communicate directly with hiring managers.
Send InMails without needing a direct connection.
Access advanced search filters, resources, and courses for job searches and business networking.
Hiring managers often perceive LinkedIn Premium users as more engaged and professional in their job search.

How to Tell if Someone Has LinkedIn Premium?
To identify if someone has LinkedIn Premium, look for a gold LinkedIn Premium badge on their profile, typically located below the profile banner. This badge also appears next to their name in LinkedIn search results.
However, some LinkedIn Premium users choose to hide their badges. This makes manual identification less reliable, especially if you’re looking for many profiles. For a more scalable solution, using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and tools like Aimino can help.

How To Search LinkedIn Premium Members?
LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for lead generation, widely used by sales professionals. Here’s how to find LinkedIn Premium account holders using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Aimino:
1. Search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
While Sales Navigator doesn’t have a specific filter for LinkedIn Premium profiles, you can use other filters to narrow down your search. Start by searching with filters such as:
Current job title
Years of experience
2. Export Your Search into CSV with Aimino
Aimino Chrome extension can help you export your search results into a CSV file. This extension can extract information from LinkedIn profiles, including whether the profile is a Premium account.
Install the Aimino extension and click the “Extract with Aimino” button at the top of the Sales Navigator search page.
Wait for the scraper to gather the information, and then download the CSV file.
3. Look into the Column “Prospect is Premium”
After downloading the CSV file, open it and look for the column labeled “Prospect is Premium”:
If you see TRUE, the prospect is Premium.
If you see FALSE, the prospect isn’t Premium.
You can filter these results using spreadsheet tools like Excel or Google Sheets to isolate Premium profiles.

Identifying LinkedIn Premium members is straightforward with the right tools and techniques. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Aimino can help you efficiently find and connect with Premium account holders, expanding your professional network and business opportunities.

Can you see who viewed your profile on LinkedIn Premium?
Yes, LinkedIn Premium subscribers can access detailed viewer insights. To see who viewed your profile:
Go to your LinkedIn homepage.
Click on the “Me” icon in the top navigation bar.
Click “View Profile” from the dropdown menu.
Under the “Analytics” section, click the “See who’s viewed your profile” button.
How is LinkedIn Premium different from LinkedIn?
LinkedIn Premium offers additional features such as:
Direct access to recruiters.
Insights into profile views.
Competitive analysis for job applications.
Online courses.
How do you upgrade to LinkedIn Premium?
To upgrade:
Click the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
Select “Settings & Privacy” from the drop-down menu.
Select “Account Settings” on the left.
Under “Subscriptions & Payments,” click “Change” next to Premium Subscription.
Select the plan that meets your needs and follow the on-screen instructions.
Does LinkedIn Premium allow you to see anonymous users?
No, LinkedIn Premium does not reveal the identities of anonymous viewers. LinkedIn respects user privacy, so anonymous profile views remain hidden.
Using these strategies and tools like Aimino, you can effectively search for and connect with LinkedIn Premium members, enhancing your networking and recruitment efforts.