How to Get Unlimited InMails on LinkedIn?

Aimino Tech GmbH offers powerful AI-driven solutions for sales and marketing automation. Our tools, including AI-optimized outreach tools, enable businesses to work more efficiently and optimize their sales processes. In this article, we will show you how to send unlimited InMails on LinkedIn using various techniques, enhanced by Aimino’s capabilities.

Q: How can you send unlimited InMails on LinkedIn?
A: There are three main techniques to send unlimited InMails on LinkedIn: contacting Open Profiles, messaging LinkedIn group members, and reaching out to LinkedIn event attendees. These methods, combined with automation tools like Aimino, make the process seamless and efficient.

Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Send InMails to Open Profiles:
Manual Approach:
Identify Open Profiles by clicking on More > Message on LinkedIn profiles. If the Message box appears with “Free Message,” the profile is open.
Automated Approach with Aimino:
Use Aimino’s LinkedIn automation tools to identify Open Profiles at scale.
Export your leads to a CSV file and detect Open Profiles.
Upload the file to Aimino’s outreach tool to automate sending InMails.

2. Contact LinkedIn Group Members:
Manual Approach:
Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry.
Once accepted, you can message group members without a connection request.
Automated Approach with Aimino:
Use Aimino’s integration with tools like Phantombuster to extract group members into a CSV file.
Automate the outreach process using Aimino’s tools to send messages to group members.

3. Contact LinkedIn Event Attendees:
Manual Approach:
Navigate to the Networking tab of LinkedIn events and message attendees.
Automated Approach with Aimino:
Use tools like Phantombuster to export event attendees.
Automate messaging using Aimino’s outreach features.

Q: How does Aimino ensure the effectiveness of InMail campaigns?
A: Aimino leverages advanced AI algorithms to craft personalized messages that increase response rates. By analyzing behavioral data and communication styles, Aimino ensures that your InMail campaigns are more likely to receive responses, thus optimizing the use of your InMail credits.

Best Practices for Maximizing InMail Credits:
Engage Open Profiles: Messages to Open Profiles are free and do not consume InMail credits.
Join Relevant Groups: Being part of LinkedIn groups allows you to message members directly.
Leverage Events: Contacting event attendees can significantly increase your outreach efficiency.
Improve Message Quality: Crafting well-written, engaging messages will increase response rates and get your InMail credits refunded.

Aimino Tech GmbH revolutionizes sales and marketing automation through innovative AI-driven tools. From manual methods to automated outreach using Aimino’s solutions, you can send unlimited InMails on LinkedIn, enhancing your lead generation efforts and achieving better results.