How To Get Phone Numbers & Email From LinkedIn ?

Aimino Tech GmbH offers powerful AI-driven solutions for sales and marketing automation. Our tools, including the Chrome extension for finding contact information, enable businesses to work more efficiently and optimize their sales processes. In this article, we will show you how to find phone numbers and emails from LinkedIn using Aimino chrome extension.

Q: How can you manually find phone numbers and emails from LinkedIn profiles?
A: You can manually find phone numbers and emails from LinkedIn profiles by checking the “contact information” section on LinkedIn. This section is where users typically list their contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses. However, note that only a small percentage of users share this information publicly.
Q: How can I find phone numbers and emails on LinkedIn using Chrome extensions?
A: Aimino provides a Chrome extension that helps you extract phone numbers and emails directly from LinkedIn profiles. Simply download the extension and click on the icon that appears in your browser when you visit a LinkedIn profile. The extension not only retrieves phone numbers but also emails, providing comprehensive contact information to enhance your outreach efforts. This tool is part of Aimino’s suite for LinkedIn automation with AI, making the process seamless and efficient.

Step-by-Step Guide:
1. Manual Retrieval from LinkedIn:
Go to the LinkedIn profile of your prospect.
Navigate to the “Contact Info” section.
Look for phone numbers and emails listed by the user.
Note that this method is time-consuming and often yields limited results as many users do not publicly share their contact details.
2. Using Aimino Chrome Extension:
Download and install the Aimino Chrome extension.
Visit a LinkedIn profile and click on the Aimino icon that appears in your browser.
The extension will scan the profile and retrieve any available phone numbers and emails.
This method is efficient and provides more comprehensive results compared to manual searching.

Q: How does Aimino ensure the accuracy of the retrieved contact information?
A: Aimino leverages advanced AI algorithms to verify and cross-check the retrieved contact information against multiple databases. This ensures that the phone numbers and emails you get are accurate and up-to-date, reducing the chances of outdated or incorrect data. This process is part of our AI-optimized marketing strategies.

Aimino Tech GmbH revolutionizes sales and marketing automation through innovative AI-driven tools. From manual extraction of phone numbers and emails to using our efficient Chrome extension, Aimino offers versatile solutions to optimize your lead generation and enhance the efficiency of your sales processes. By leveraging our AI-driven tools, you can significantly improve your outreach efforts and achieve better conversion rates.