How To Find People Open To Work on LinkedIn?

Finding job seekers on LinkedIn can significantly streamline your recruitment process, especially with the right tools and techniques. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to locate candidates who are open to new opportunities using both free and premium LinkedIn features.

The Open To Work Profile Picture Filter
Using the Open To Work Profile Picture
Some job seekers display the “Open To Work” filter on their LinkedIn profile picture. This feature is a clear signal that they are actively looking for new job opportunities. However, many people opt not to use this feature to avoid appearing needy or to keep their job search discreet from their current employers.
Relying solely on this filter can result in missing many potential candidates. Many professionals prefer to use LinkedIn’s feature that makes their job-seeking status visible only to recruiters.

The Open To Work Hashtag Technique
Searching with Hashtags
By searching for the hashtag #opentowork in LinkedIn’s search bar, you can find posts from individuals announcing their availability for new roles. Following this hashtag ensures that such posts appear in your feed, providing a steady stream of potential candidates.
This method allows you to act quickly, responding to posts in real-time and engaging with candidates who are actively seeking new opportunities.

How To Use the Open to Work Filter on LinkedIn Recruiter
LinkedIn Recruiter’s Advanced Filters
The most straightforward method to find job seekers on LinkedIn is by using the “Open to Work” filter in LinkedIn Recruiter. This premium tool provides access to several advanced filters that help you pinpoint candidates who have indicated they are open to new opportunities.
Cost Considerations
LinkedIn Recruiter is quite expensive, costing $835/month. However, it offers extensive features that can justify the investment for larger companies or intensive recruitment efforts.

How to Find Open to Work Candidates on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Sales Navigator offers a cost-effective alternative to LinkedIn Recruiter. Here are four ways to find job seekers using Sales Navigator:
Current Job Title Filters
Use Boolean search terms in the “Current Job Title” filter to find profiles with titles indicating they are looking for new opportunities.
Example Boolean search: “Open to work” OR ((looking OR seeking) AND (job OR opportunity OR opportunities)).
Keyword Search
Expand your search to include keywords in the profile, headline, about section, and job descriptions.
This method yields more results but requires careful filtering to avoid false positives.
Unofficial Company Pages for Jobseekers
Look for unofficial LinkedIn pages where job seekers often indicate their availability by listing these pages as their current employer.
Jobseeker Groups
Use the Group Filter to find and join groups dedicated to job seekers in your industry.
Engage with active group members who are often looking for new opportunities.

How To Reach Out To Open To Work Candidates on LinkedIn?
Once you have identified candidates, you can export their profiles and contact information using tools like the Aimino Chrome extension. Aimino enhances your LinkedIn interactions by:
Automated Messaging: Send personalized messages to potential candidates efficiently.
Data Management: Organize and manage lead data directly within your browser.
CRM Integration: Seamlessly import contact information and interaction histories into your CRM system.

Finding candidates open to work on LinkedIn can be achieved through several methods, from using profile filters to advanced search techniques. By leveraging both free and premium tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Aimino, you can streamline your recruitment process and connect with top talent more effectively.

How do I find candidates without LinkedIn Recruiter?
Search for LinkedIn posts with the #opentowork hashtag.
Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator advanced search.
Look for profiles with the Open To Work filter.
Use job boards like Jooble.
Who can see open to work on LinkedIn? When you indicate you’re ‘Open to Work’ on LinkedIn, you can control the visibility. It can either be visible to all LinkedIn members or restricted to recruiters only.
By understanding these techniques and utilizing tools like Aimino, you can effectively find and engage with job seekers on LinkedIn, optimizing your recruitment process.