How to Find Decision-Makers on LinkedIn with Aimino’s Tools

Finding decision-makers during your lead-generation journey is essential for effective business growth. Knowing how to identify key players on LinkedIn can significantly enhance your lead generation and sales strategies.
In this guide, you will learn how to find important LinkedIn decision-makers using its free search tools and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With Aimino’s advanced AI-driven tools and Chrome extension, you can streamline this process and maximize your outreach efforts.

Table of Contents:
How to find decision-makers on LinkedIn
How to bypass LinkedIn search limits
How to find decision-makers on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
How to find decision-makers with account-based searches
How to engage with and reach decision-makers on LinkedIn

How To Find Decision-Makers On LinkedIn
When looking for decision-makers, LinkedIn’s search bar is your best friend. Here are three strategies to help you reach the people who matter most in your sales process:
1. LinkedIn Company Pages
Visit the LinkedIn company page of your target company and explore the ‘people’ section. This directory offers a list of employees, complete with their roles and sometimes even direct contact information. Filter by location, function, seniority, and title to find key decision-makers.
2. LinkedIn Search
Use the search bar at the top of your LinkedIn page and select the “People” filter. Include industry keywords, job titles, and company names for effective results. Once you have your target, sort by relevance, connection level, or activity to choose the most approachable decision-makers.
3. LinkedIn Boolean Search
Mastering LinkedIn Boolean search can significantly improve your lead generation. Pair keywords with operators like AND, NOT, and OR to fine-tune your searches. For example, use (founder OR CEO) AND startup AND SaaS to find profiles that match your criteria.

How to Bypass LinkedIn Search Limits
LinkedIn imposes certain limits on search results and profile views, which can be restrictive. Here’s how to bypass these limits:
1. The Search Results Limit
Free accounts can view up to 1000 profiles or 100 pages. LinkedIn Sales Navigator users face a similar restriction at the 2500-profile or 100-page mark. Upgrading to LinkedIn Premium can increase your search results limit.
2. The Commercial Use Limit
LinkedIn’s commercial use limit caps the number of profiles you can browse to 300 monthly searches. To continue prospecting without interruptions, consider upgrading to LinkedIn Premium for unlimited search and profile explorations.
3. The Boolean Search Limit
Boolean searches are more effective with LinkedIn Premium accounts, including Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite. Free accounts have basic filtering options limited to keyword, location, sector, and work history.

How To Find Decision-Makers On LinkedIn Sales Navigator
LinkedIn Sales Navigator enhances your ability to find decision-makers with advanced search capabilities and user insights. Here’s how to make the most of it:
1. Account Maps
Account Maps provide a detailed view of potential leads and key contacts, showing their network connections and offering personalized notes and alerts. Use these to organize leads and share insights with your team.
2. Advanced Search Filters
LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced search filters help you precisely target decision-makers. Use title filters or combine Boolean search skills with key terms like company name and job title for more advanced searches.
3. The Limit of Lead Searches
Sales Navigator has a monthly lead quota. To avoid limitations, upgrade to a more advanced plan or use account maps and social selling strategies to maximize your search capabilities.

How To Find Decision-Makers With Account-Based Searches
Account-based search in LinkedIn Sales Navigator is essential for targeting specific companies that match your ideal customer profile. Follow these steps:
1. Create an Account List
Build your account list using LinkedIn’s advanced search filters. Export your lead list as a CSV and use LinkedIn scraping tools for optimization.
2. Add This Account List to the Lead Search
Integrate your account list into the lead search to find people working at your chosen companies. Sort leads by relevance, connections, or recent activity.
3. Add Filters to Find Decision-Makers
Use additional filters like job title, function, and seniority to target specific roles. Employ Boolean searches to refine your results further.
4. Use Icebreaker Filters
Icebreaker filters help you find commonalities with decision-makers, making your outreach more personalized and effective. Look for mutual connections or shared interests to start meaningful conversations.

How To Engage With And Reach Decision-Makers On LinkedIn
Once you’ve identified decision-makers, follow these steps to engage with them effectively:
1. Send a Personalized Connection Request
Use information from their profile to make your request more personal. Mention a recent article they wrote or a mutual connection.
2. Engage with Their Content
Interact with their LinkedIn posts before sending a connection request. Like, comment, and share their updates meaningfully.
3. Send Personalized InMails or Messages
Write brief, personalized messages tailored to their industry or pain points. Use the RABT formula: Reason for outreach, Ask a question to qualify, Backup with data, Tease a solution.
4. Use Referrals and Mutual Connections
Ask for a mutual connection to introduce you, adding credibility to your outreach.
5. Offer Your Value First
Share valuable content or insights that align with their interests. This builds trust and sets the stage for further conversation.
6. Follow Up Strategically
Send a follow-up message if you don’t hear back after your initial outreach. Keep your follow-up brief and remind them of the value you offer.

With Aimino’s advanced AI-driven tools and Chrome extension, you can efficiently find and engage decision-makers on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn’s search features, Sales Navigator, and account-based searches to identify key players and optimize your outreach strategy.

Q: How do I find decision-makers in a company on LinkedIn?
A: Start by visiting the company’s LinkedIn page and reviewing the employee roster. Use search filters to find titles like CEO, Director, or Manager.
Q: How do you find out who the decision-maker is?
A: Titles like CEO are not always indicative. Contact the company directly, visit their website, read press releases, or attend industry events to connect with key people.
Q: How do I find decision-makers on LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
A: Use Sales Navigator’s advanced search features to tailor your search by role, industry, or geography. Save searches for easier future networking.
Q: How to find a decision-maker email address?
A: Check their company website, LinkedIn’s contact section, and social media profiles. Use the Aimino Chrome extension for more accurate results.