How To Bypass LinkedIn Search Limit? [3 Hacks for 2024]

Is there a search limit on LinkedIn? Yes. In this article, you will learn:
What these LinkedIn search limits are
How they work
How to bypass them

What Are The LinkedIn Search Limits?
LinkedIn imposes two types of search limits on free accounts: the Commercial Use limit and the LinkedIn profile search limit.
LinkedIn Commercial Use Limit
With a free LinkedIn account, you will hit the commercial use limit after approximately 300 searches in a month. Once you reach this limit, you can no longer perform searches on LinkedIn. This limit resets at midnight on the 1st of each month.
LinkedIn Profile Search Limit
The LinkedIn profile search limit caps the number of profiles you can view:
Free LinkedIn account: 1000 profiles (100 pages of 10 results)
Sales Navigator account: 2500 profiles (100 pages of 25 results)
When you reach page 100 of a search, the “Next” button becomes inactive, preventing you from viewing more profiles.

Hacks To Bypass LinkedIn Search Limits
1. Multiple LinkedIn Accounts
The only way to bypass the LinkedIn commercial search limit is to use multiple LinkedIn accounts. Once you hit the limit on one account, switch to another account to continue your searches.
2. Split Your Searches
To see more than 1000 results on LinkedIn, divide your searches into smaller chunks using various filters such as:
Current Company
By refining your search criteria, you can create multiple smaller searches that collectively allow you to view all results.

Getting Around LinkedIn Search Limits with Sales Navigator
If you take prospecting seriously and can invest $99 per month, purchasing a Sales Navigator license is highly recommended. Here’s why:
1. Unlimited People Search
Sales Navigator users are not affected by the Commercial Use Limit, allowing unlimited searches each month.
2. Higher Profile Search Limit
Sales Navigator increases the profile search limit to:
2500 results for lead searches
1000 results for account searches
By splitting your searches using filters, you can bypass even these higher limits to view more profiles.
3. Export Leads to CSV
With Sales Navigator and tools like Aimino, you can export up to 2500 leads per day to a CSV file. This includes options to find and verify emails, ensuring your account stays within LinkedIn limits and avoids penalties.

LinkedIn imposes search limits to prevent excessive use of its free search capabilities for commercial purposes. However, by using multiple accounts, splitting searches, or investing in a Sales Navigator subscription, you can effectively bypass these limits and maximize your LinkedIn prospecting efforts.