Hack LinkedIn Ads With Sales Navigator

In this tutorial, you will learn how to build super-targeted LinkedIn Ads audiences using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Given that LinkedIn Ads are among the most expensive on the market, it’s crucial to spend time building targeted audiences to ensure a good return on investment.

How To Target Sales Navigator Leads with LinkedIn Ads
To target Sales Navigator leads with LinkedIn ads:
Extract accounts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
Upload your Sales Navigator export to LinkedIn Ads.
Modify your file to match the LinkedIn Ads template.
Add lead filters on LinkedIn Ads.
Upload lead lists on LinkedIn Ads.

1. Extract Accounts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator
First, extract targeted accounts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator offers advanced search filters to build targeted lead lists, but data export isn’t a native feature. Use a third-party tool like Aimino to export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
How To Export Leads From LinkedIn Sales Navigator To Excel

2. Upload Your Sales Navigator Export to LinkedIn Ads
Next, upload the data extracted from Sales Navigator into LinkedIn Ads.
Go to LinkedIn and click on Work > Advertise.
Create an ad account or select an existing one.
Click on Create > Campaign.
Select your campaign goal, then go to Audience > List Upload.
Click on Company List and upload your modified file.

3. Modify Your File to Match the LinkedIn Ads Template
Ensure your file matches the LinkedIn Ads template. Delete unnecessary columns and keep the following:
Company name
Company website
Company page URL
This ensures LinkedIn can retrieve the companies from its database, especially using LinkedIn URLs.

4. Add Lead Filters on LinkedIn Ads
After uploading your file, add lead filters to target decision-makers.
Go to Audience attributes > Job Experience.
Click on Job Titles and select the relevant job titles.
Note: LinkedIn offers broad categories that group variations of the same job title. If targeting specific titles, you may need to upload a lead list.
5. Upload Lead Lists on LinkedIn Ads
For specific job titles, upload a lead list to narrow down your audience. LinkedIn requires a minimum of 300 people for this technique.

Required Fields:
* Email of the LinkedIn account
* First name
* Last name
* Job title
* Country

Modify your file to fit the LinkedIn prospect upload template and upload it.

Using LinkedIn Ads for Account-Based Marketing
If you want to use LinkedIn Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to generate leads, these strategies are effective:
The Mere Exposure Effect: Increase familiarity with your brand through repeated exposure.
Warm-Up Ads: Introduce your brand to prospects before your SDR contacts them.
Cover Ads: Stay top of mind while SDRs are engaging with prospects.
Wake-Up Ads: Retarget prospects who haven’t responded to prospecting messages.
Detailed Strategy:
LinkedIn Account Based Marketing Strategy [2023 Complete Guide]

Building hyper-targeted LinkedIn Ads audiences using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and tools like Aimino can significantly enhance your lead generation strategy. These steps ensure that your ads reach the right people, maximizing your ROI on LinkedIn Ads.

Q: What tools are essential for extracting LinkedIn profiles for ads? A: Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for advanced search filters and a tool like Aimino to export leads efficiently.
Q: How do I match my Sales Navigator export with LinkedIn Ads template? A: Delete unnecessary columns and keep fields like company name, website, and LinkedIn page URL. Ensure your file format matches LinkedIn Ads requirements.
Q: Can I target specific job titles in LinkedIn Ads? A: Yes, but LinkedIn groups variations of job titles. If specific titles aren’t available, upload a lead list with detailed job titles.
Q: What are the key strategies for LinkedIn Account-Based Marketing? A: Utilize techniques like the Mere Exposure Effect, Warm-Up Ads, Cover Ads, and Wake-Up Ads to enhance brand familiarity and engagement.
For more advanced LinkedIn lead generation strategies, consider integrating Aimino’s AI-driven tools to streamline your sales and marketing automation. Aimino offers a powerful Chrome extension for finding contact information, making your outreach efforts more efficient.