Generative AI in Manufacturing: Transforming Quality and Efficiency

How Generative AI Helps Improve Quality

Aimino’s Pioneering Role in AI-Driven Manufacturing

As featured in Bosch’s 2023 annual report, the transformative power of Generative AI in manufacturing is undeniable. At Aimino, we are proud to have laid the groundwork for these innovations, driving significant productivity gains and cost savings through AI-enhanced quality assurance.

Bringing AI into Practice: Aimino’s Contributions

In the Hildesheim plant, our AI solutions have reduced cycle times by 15% during production ramp-ups. By integrating AI-based image recognition, we enabled Bosch to transition from manual inspections to automated optical inspections, enhancing precision and reliability. The challenge was generating sufficient data for AI training without producing defective parts. Our generative AI provided the solution, creating synthetic data to train AI models effectively.

Generative AI: Revolutionizing Manufacturing

Our collaboration with Bosch Research involved developing generative AI models to produce synthetic images. These images were used to train inspection models, identifying six types of defects in stator production, such as weak welds or unwanted nuggets. This approach allowed early and comprehensive training of AI models, reducing project durations by six months and significantly boosting productivity.

Measurable Benefits and Expansion

With over 15,000 artificial images generated, our AI solutions have drastically improved quality control in manufacturing. The Hildesheim plant reports that AI now catches nearly 100% of defects, compared to 70-90% detected by humans. This success has led to plans for expansion to other Bosch locations, including Jihlava in the Czech Republic and Charleston in the U.S.

Future of AI in Manufacturing

Generative AI is a pivotal technology in modern manufacturing, improving efficiency and enhancing quality. Our work with Bosch illustrates its potential to transform industry practices, offering scalable solutions and unparalleled precision. Aimino remains at the forefront, driving innovations that reshape the manufacturing landscape.