Actively Recruiting on LinkedIn: Hiring Made Easier in 2024

Aimino Tech GmbH is a leading provider of sales and marketing automation solutions, leveraging AI to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. This guide focuses on using LinkedIn to find candidates, highlighting Aimino’s AI-driven features for optimal recruiting.

Q: What does actively recruiting on LinkedIn mean?
A: LinkedIn’s actively recruiting tag is a dynamic feature that simplifies your hiring process. This green tag, visible alongside your job postings, signals to job seekers that you’re actively hiring, making your job offers stand out. Aimino’s AI-optimized tools enhance this process by identifying and engaging potential candidates more effectively.

How the Actively Recruiting Tag Enhances Recruitment Efforts:
Q: How does the actively recruiting tag work on LinkedIn?
A: LinkedIn’s algorithm automatically assesses your recruiting behavior and assigns the actively recruiting tag based on key actions, such as posting new job listings, searching LinkedIn profiles, and engaging with candidates via InMail. Aimino’s AI tools can help streamline these activities, ensuring you meet the criteria for the tag.

4 Strategies for Effective Recruitment on LinkedIn:
Q: What are effective strategies for recruiting on LinkedIn?
A: Aimino recommends the following AI-driven strategies to enhance your recruitment process:
Create and Share LinkedIn Job Opportunities:
Keep your job postings fresh and aligned with your company’s core values to attract ideal candidates. Aimino’s generative AI for B2B sales and automated customer management can optimize job descriptions, ensuring they are compelling and competitive.
Enhance Visibility with LinkedIn Ads:
Utilize LinkedIn ads to promote your company and job openings to a targeted audience. Aimino’s AI tools can help create hyper-targeted ad campaigns, maximizing your reach and engagement.
Use LinkedIn Private Mode:
Activate LinkedIn’s private mode to discreetly review candidate profiles without signaling your interest. This feature allows you to build a list of potential candidates and strategically assess their suitability.
Use LinkedIn Recruiter and InMails:
Leverage LinkedIn Recruiter and InMails for direct communication with potential candidates. Aimino’s AI can automate and personalize these messages, increasing response rates and improving your outreach efforts.

Q: How can Aimino enhance the use of LinkedIn Recruiter and Sales Navigator for recruiting?
A: Aimino’s AI-driven features integrate seamlessly with LinkedIn Recruiter and Sales Navigator, offering advanced search filters, personalized communication, and real-time insights. These tools help you identify, contact, and manage candidates more efficiently, giving you a competitive advantage in recruiting.

Customized Outreach Message Templates:
Q: How can recruiters engage candidates effectively on LinkedIn?
A: Aimino provides AI-driven personalized message templates to increase engagement:
InMail to Your LinkedIn Follower-Candidate:
Subject: [Company Name] needs a [Job Title]
Message: Hey [Candidate Name], I noticed you follow us on LinkedIn. We’re recruiting for a [Job Title] to strengthen our [Department]. Let me know if you’re interested in this position?
Job Opportunity Template:
Subject: Job offer – [Job Title]
Message: Hey [Candidate Name], We’re looking for a [Job Title] at [Company Name]. From what I see on your profile, you seem to be a fit. Here is the job offer: [link to the offer]. Ping me if this interests you.

“Open To Work” Candidate Template:
Subject: Are you still “open to work”?
Message: Hi [Candidate Name], I see you’re open to new job opportunities. Your background in [Skillset] is what [Company Name] is looking for [Job Title]. The role involves [Brief Job Description], and you can find more details here: [link to job offer]. Will this interest you?
 LinkedIn is a powerful tool for recruitment, and Aimino’s AI-driven features, such as generative AI for multichannel marketing and automated sales processes, can significantly enhance your ability to find and engage top candidates. Start leveraging Aimino’s tools today to optimize your LinkedIn recruitment strategy.

Q: What does it mean if LinkedIn says actively recruiting?
A: LinkedIn’s “Actively Recruiting” tag indicates that a company is hiring new talent. This tag benefits both the recruiting company and job applicants by making the company’s job openings more visible and attractive.
Q: What is active talent on LinkedIn Recruiter?
A: Active talent refers to candidates more inclined to respond to recruiters, as evidenced by their recent profile activities. Aimino’s AI-driven lead qualification can help identify and engage these active talents more effectively.
Q: Is LinkedIn effective for recruiting?
A: Yes, LinkedIn is the second most popular platform for recruiters after Indeed. Aimino’s integration with LinkedIn enhances its advanced search capabilities, personalized communication features, and industry-leading profile tools, making it an essential recruitment tool.