3 Hacks to Steal Your Competitors’ Audience on LinkedIn

Why build a qualified audience from scratch when your competitors have already done the work for you? In this guide, we’ll show you three effective ways to capture your competitors’ audience on LinkedIn by:
1. Extracting LinkedIn company page followers
2. Extracting LinkedIn post commenters
3. Extracting LinkedIn event attendees

Let’s dive into how you can use LinkedIn scraping tools to capture the audience of your competitors.
Extract Competitor Followers on LinkedIn
The first technique involves extracting followers from your competitors’ LinkedIn company pages. Followers of a competitor’s page are likely interested in the product or service they offer. This method requires a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription.
Step 1: Create a New LinkedIn Account To avoid LinkedIn restrictions, create a new LinkedIn account and add a job experience at your competitor’s company.
Step 2: Use the Sales Navigator Free Trial Utilize the one-month free trial of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to avoid paying for this process.
Step 3: Select Company Page Followers Open LinkedIn Sales Navigator, go to the lead search in the “Spotlight” category, and select “Following your company.”
This will display a list of your competitor’s followers. Remember to exclude employees of your competitor.
Step 4: Extract Followers and Get Their Emails Extract the list of followers into a CSV file and get their email addresses using tools like Aimino.
Step 5: Outreach to Followers Once you have the contact details, you can reach out to them manually or build a LinkedIn prospecting campaign. Here’s a template for your outreach:
Template for Competitors’ Followers Outreach:
I’m reaching out because I’ve seen you follow <competitor> on LinkedIn.
Our product/service is similar but <why your product or service is better than the competition>.
Are you currently still interested in <problem you are solving>?
Best, [Your Name]

Reach Out to Competitors’ Post Commenters & Likers
Reactions to LinkedIn posts are a strong signal of interest. Reaching out to people who engage with your competitors’ posts can be very effective.
Step 1: Follow Everyone in Your Niche Follow every competitor and influencer in your niche to keep their posts in your LinkedIn feed. Timing is critical; reach out to commenters shortly after they engage with a post.
Step 2: Extract Post Commenters and Likers Use tools like Phantombuster to extract LinkedIn post commenters and likers. Copy and paste the URL of the post into Phantombuster to get the names, LinkedIn URLs, job titles, and degree connections.
Step 3: Outreach to Post Commenters and Likers Here’s a template for reaching out to post commenters and likers:
Template for Post Commenters and Likers Outreach:
I’m reaching out because I’ve seen your reaction to <post of your competitor>.
<I’m doing a webinar/I wrote a white paper> on the exact same thing next week.
Are you interested in getting more content on the topic?
Best, [Your Name]

Reach Out to Competitors’ Event Attendees
LinkedIn event attendees are highly engaged and interested in specific topics. You can leverage this by reaching out to them.
Step 1: Look for LinkedIn Events Search for events using relevant keywords and filters to find potential customers.
Step 2: Extract LinkedIn Event Attendees Click on “Attend” for the event to access the list of attendees through the “Networking” tab. Use Phantombuster to export the attendee list into a CSV file.
Step 3: Outreach to Event Guests Here are templates for contacting event attendees before and after the event:
Template for Guest Outreach Before the Event:
I’m reaching out because I’ve seen you’ll also attend <webinar name> next week 🙂
Do you know <competitor name> well?

Template for Guest Outreach After the Event:
I’m reaching out because I’ve seen you attended <competitor’s event>.
I missed the event and I’m looking for feedback.
Was it valuable?

Bonus: Reach Out to Competitors’ Group Members
If your competitors have LinkedIn groups, you can extract the group members using tools like Phantombuster or Aimino with Sales Navigator.

Template for Group Members Outreach:
I’m reaching out because I’ve seen you’re still a member of this group: <name of the group>.
Are you still interested in this topic?
I’m looking to exchange with people in this niche.
Best, [Your Name]

By using these techniques, you can effectively capture your competitors’ audience on LinkedIn. These methods help you tap into an already engaged audience, saving you time and effort in building your own. Implement these strategies today and enhance your LinkedIn prospecting efforts.