19+ Best LinkedIn InMail Subject Lines (2024)

Q: How can I boost my LinkedIn InMail open rates?
A: Crafting effective InMail subject lines can significantly improve your open rates, sometimes exceeding 70%, and consequently enhance your response rates. Here are some tips and templates to help you get the most out of your InMail campaigns.

Q: What are the key elements of a good LinkedIn InMail subject line?
A: Here are some tips for writing LinkedIn InMail subject lines that get opened:
Sound like a colleague: Write in a friendly, informal style.
Be short: Keep it brief and to the point.
Write in low caps: Make it look casual.
Add numbers if relevant: Use statistics or numbers to catch attention.
Personalize: Customize the subject line to the recipient.

Q: Why should I focus on creating good InMail subject lines?
A: You have a limited number of InMail credits, so crafting effective subject lines ensures you don’t waste them. A compelling subject line can make the difference between an InMail being opened or ignored.

Q: What are some best practices for LinkedIn InMail subject lines?
A: Follow these guidelines:
Sound like a colleague: Avoid salesy language. For example, instead of “Discover our offer [first name],” use “Quick question about [topic].”
Be short: Use brief, intriguing phrases like “quick question” or “about [topic].”
Write in low caps: Use lowercase to appear informal, like a casual note from a coworker.
Add numbers if relevant: Incorporate statistics or figures when appropriate.
Personalize: Tailor the subject line to the recipient’s interests or recent activities.

Q: What are some effective LinkedIn InMail subject line templates?
A: Here are 19+ examples:
1.interview [job title]
Ex: Interview Product Manager
2.job at [company name] for [first name]
Ex: Job at Aimino for Alex
3.you’re a fit for [company name]
Ex: You’re a fit for Google
4.interview [company name]
Ex: Interview Microsoft
5.happy [first name]?
Ex: Happy Alex?
8.perfect fit
9.want change?
10.your LinkedIn post
14.new job
a15.bout [topic]
Ex: About ChatGPT
17.[company name] alumni
Ex: Airtable alumni
19.[school name] alumni
Ex: Harvard alumni
20.[event name]
Ex: SaaStr 2023

Q: How can I automate personalized InMail subject lines?
A: Here’s how you can automate the process:
1.Build your candidate lists: Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Recruiter to gather potential contacts and export them into a CSV file.
2.Upload your list to an outreach tool: Use tools like Linked Helper to upload your CSV file and create a campaign.
3.Add variables in your InMail template: Customize your InMails with variables such as first name, company name, industry, etc., to personalize messages at scale.

Crafting and personalizing LinkedIn InMail subject lines is crucial for successful outreach. By following the tips and using the templates provided, you can significantly improve your InMail open and response rates. Automating this process with tools like Linked Helper can save time and ensure consistency.

Q: How do I write an effective LinkedIn InMail subject line? A: Write short, casual, and personalized subject lines that sound like they’re from a colleague. Use numbers and avoid salesy language.
Q: Can I automate personalized LinkedIn InMail subject lines? A: Yes, you can use tools like Linked Helper to automate the sending of personalized InMails by adding variables to your templates.
Q: Why is it important to personalize InMail subject lines? A: Personalization increases the likelihood of your InMails being opened and read, improving your overall response rate.