Benefits from automotive sensor solutions

Increase local processing power

Handle the exponential growth of data with decentralized computing

Near Real-time

Minimize delay time by reducing data transfers


Implement safety-critical applications that do not depend on internet connection

Automotive Sensor usecases


Use edge processing to connect sensors for passenger monitoring, gesture recognition, and optimal user experience


Evaluate aggregated battery parameters and sensor values in near real-time to deliver valuable insights into the battery life cycle.


Use edge AI and sensor fusing to detect objects and lane departure near real-time and prevent collisions


With Edge AI, a large portion of data can be processed inside the car instead of being moved to the cloud. This reduces the transmission costs and the amount of sensitive data leaving the vehicle.

Move from concept to deployment quickly

Application owned by you

Applications developed by you using our toolkit belong to you. Application code is owned by you and commercially usable under Apache 2.0 License.

Less engineering

Simplify data engineering significantly with synthetic data augmentation and robust testing.

Supported by experts

Have access to support from Machine Learning leaders, scientists, and engineers from Aimino to overcome technical challenges.

Data agnostic

Machine Learning systems can be developed and deployed for many data types, from text to images and sensory inputs.

Easy deployment

ML systems developed with Aimino can be deployed on a wide range of devices, from mobile devices to Raspberry Pi.

Learn quickly

The toolkit continously includes state-of-the-art Machine Learning capablity. Catch up with recent technological advances quickly.